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Earl of Hell - Vinyl/T-shirt Bundle

Earl of Hell - Vinyl/T-shirt Bundle
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"Get Smoked" is the explosive debut EP from Scotland's heavy fuzz rock group, Earl Of Hell. The EP contains 6 high energy tracks ranging from short and catchy singles like "Blood Disco" to the more progressive and climactic "Kill The Witch." The 23 minute piece showcases Earl Of Hell's ambitious development in sound since the release of their first two singles in 2021. A combination of distorted, down-tuned guitars, low end fuzzy bass grooves, hard hitting drums and ferocious baritone vocal is Earl Of Hell's signature sound.

The EP will be available on 12" 140g Eco-mix Colored Vinyl meaning each record will be completely unique. There is no way of knowing what mix of colors your record will be made from, but we hope the mystery will make it all the more intriguing. A very limited run is currently being manufactured for pre-order.

This bundle includes the "Bitter Fruits" t-shirt, created in honor of the most ambitious track on the EP, including church organs and an orchestral composition by Daniel Potter.

1. Hang 'Em High
2. Parasite
3. I Am The Chill
4. Bitter Fruits
5. Blood Disco
6. Kill the Witch

Release date: April 29, 2022

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